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Sunnyside Meat is determined to break through an image that seems to plague meat processors. We want our customers to know that they will receive their meat and all of it, from the animal they brought us. These forms can be accessed from the forms page.

Animal Tracking

It all begins with a tracking form that is completed at the time of delivery. The animal is described, pen number indicated and customer(s) idenitified. These three pieces of information are crucial for a clear-cut process.

Health Testing

Numerous tests are performed to verify that our HACCP and sanitation plans are effective. Each year during the heat of summer, 13-weeks of lamb carcass swabbing is performed to detect e-coli. The sample is plated and incubated before reading the results. Randomly, the USDA pulls raw and ground product and ready to eat product samples to be sent for testing at an outside lab. Additionally we perform environmental sampling on food contact surfaces for e-coli and listeria pathogens. Negative tests verify that our sanitation program is working. Other tests include an occasional spot check of the percent of lactic acid present in the solution used for the carcass spray and a weekly DPD total residual chorine test checks the potable water.


Additionally, there is a USDA office located right in the Sunnyside processing plant. We our proud of our commitment to animal health standards, and will continue to work to serve our producers, vendors and customers.

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