At Sunnyside Meats, we rely on local producers for our supply of high quality animals. Thanks to the hard work of our producers and our shared vision, Sunnyside has been able to build its reputation as the finest meat processing facility in the region.

East Pines Beef Since being established in 2003 in Cortez, Colorado, East Pines Beef has been known for their commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for them to grow into the business they are.

East Pines Ranch is located in Southwest Colorado amid some of the most scenic and fascinating country in the United States. We raise holistically produced, naturally grown beef and offer unique opportunities to guests, enabling them to participate in the rigors of the working cowboy’s life.

Windrift Farms began producing pork in the Uncompahgre Valley in 1979, taking advantage of the high desert climate by growing their pigs in sunshine and fresh air. Because of the small scale of this family run farm their pigs are born in individual farrowing crates, kept with their litter mates and raised in small groups. The Windrift herd is comprised of maternal lines carefully selected for meat quality and pleasant disposition. The animals are fed a mixture of field and sweet corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for each group of pigs depending on their size, age and stage of life. The Windrift practices combine to promote the low stress and excellent health of every animal. Those sent to Sunnyside Meats have never been given antibiotics, steroides or hormones.

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