Beef Bundles

Quarters, halves and whole beef all include the following cuts:

85% Lean Ground Beef
Stew Meat
Skirt Steaks
Short Ribs
Rib Steaks
Chuck Roasts
T-Bone Steaks
Top Sirloin Steaks
Sirloin Tip Steaks
Rump Roast
Tenderized Round Steaks

All steaks are cut 1 inch thick and paper wrapped 2 per package and all stew meat and ground beef is wrapped in 1 pound packages. All roasts are cut approximately 3 pounds. All bundles are made up of approximately 50% ground beef.

Butchers Choice $7.15 per pound Custom Cut $8.25 per pound
Quarters: (120# Approx)
Halves: (225# Approx)
Whole: (450# Approx)

*Based on availability/ Please call in advance

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