Processing Prices

  Beef Hog Lamb/Goat
Not for Sale Slaughter $90.00 $80.00 $45.00
USDA Slaughter $100.00 $85.00 $50.00

( Add $20 to keep beef hide )

Not for Sale Butcher’s Choice Cut & Wrap $1.00 per pound
Not for Sale Cut & Wrap $1.10 per pound
USDA Cut & Wrap (Packing Slip included) $1.30 per pound
Butcher’s Choice USDA $1.20 per pound

( Multiplied by hot carcass weight )

Bulk Sausage Seasoning $30 for up to 50 pounds


Patty Making (50 pounds minimum) $1.00 per pound
Sausage Linking (50 pounds minimum) $2.20 per pound
Curing and Smoking $2.10 per pound

( Multiplied by meat weight )

*Standard Wrap-Price included in Cut & Wrap Ground beef, sausage, boneless steaks and roasts less than 2 pounds of weight are vacuum packaged at no additional charge; all other cuts will be double paper wrapped unless additional vacuum packaging is requested.
Vacuum Packaging Additional charges – $0.80 per pound on meat weight
Includes bone-in steaks, chops, roasts and cuts over 2 pounds.


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